A Budweiser Moment

Image result for budweiser driverI’m out and about the other day; look at the gas gauge and near empty. Immediately 
the mental struggle begins, can I go a couple more days or what? So I pull into one those gas stations that has about twenty pumps with a store that sells everything from breath mints to replacement parts for an A10 Warthog.
It amazes me how people will pull beside a pump and not pump gas. They go inside and buy a twenty ounce Bud Light, a fist full of taquitos, a load of GAU/8 30 mm ammo for the A10 at home in the garage, and drive away; they just took up a space that should have gone to a gas guzzler, not a tank killer.
Anyway, there are two delivery truck drivers standing in the middle of a parking lot of the gas station; one is a Fed Ex driver, the other Budweiser. Immediately I wonder, what could they be talking about? I fill my car and they’re still talking. Yes, they’re both delivery drivers, but beyond that what could they be talking about?
My curiosity is skyrocketing. Yet, I don’t want to ask them. So I’m left to construct the conversation the best I know how; make it up.
Ed is our Fed Ex driver and Bud is the Beer guy.
You and me have a lot in common,” Ed said.
Like what, we both are delivery drivers?” Bud said. “What you deliver and what I deliver are two different things. I deliver beer and you deliver everything else. There is no connection.”
Only to the unenlightened. You see,” Ed said, “when I deliver everything else all I think about is what it would be like to deliver beer.”
Have you ever talked to anybody about it?” Bud said.
Just you,” Ed said. “What do you think about when you deliver beer?”
I don’t have any creative impulses,” Bud said. “I just think about beer.”
Now do you see the connection?” Ed said.
Yeah,” Bud said, “I kind of think we’re having a moment.”
Yeah,” Ed said, “Me too. Do you think the guy over there pumping gas can feel it too?”
Not unless he’s thinking about beer.”

Things like that don't happen everyday, and when they do, they should be recorded. 
They will likely have more meaning later - maybe.