Mike Lindell; Creepy Pillow Guy

When you look at the way he holds the pillow
as well as the look on his face, there is some-
thing else going on besides a good night's sleep.
Pillow Talk
There is something seriously wrong with Mike Lindell. Alright, you don’t know who Mike Lindell is. He’s the inventor of the pillow, no that’s not right, the pillow was invented by Oog who was tired of laying his head on a rock.
Mike Lindell is the inventor the pillow the world has awaited since it’s invention (by Oog). It’s a pillow that’s supposed to give you a better night’s sleep and his company MyPillow runs adds on cable TV.
First of all, in the interest of full disclosure, I have one of Mike’s pillows and not impressed. Most of my time spent with a pillow under my head is sleeping, so how can I judge one way or another. As Freud said, “Sometimes a pillow is just a pillow.”
Didn’t Ben Franklin say, “the best pillow is a good conscience.” Thus Mike Lindell’s target consumer has to be people who can’t sleep because they’re guilty of something. He’s the reason criminals sleep well at night. To me, it’s quite simple, stop Mike Lindell, stop crime.
He has the stupidest commercial on TV. I take that back, one of the stupidest. He has a testimonial in the commercial, you know one of those people like you and me who is payed to be sincere and say a product is great whether it is or not. This one guy giving the testimonial says he never got the connection between sleep and the pillow. Who does not look at a pillow and get the connection of pillow/sleep? Unless you’re ten year old girls at a slumber party and pillow means pillow fight.
The creepiest thing about the whole commercial is how Mike Lindell handles the pillow. He holds it like, well, I not going to go there, but he definitely does not look at a pillow and connects it with sleep; just saying. This is much deeper than a good night’s sleep it borderlines on pillowology. Don’t try to find that in Wikipedia, because I just invented it. It’s a love obsession of pillows. I’m not going any further than that. If Mike Lindell can claim “the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world” if you buy his pillow, I can name and point out the sickness that goes with it.

All I’m saying is that Mike Lindell is a sick man.