The Summer of '62; Episode 64

Jenny's Shame 

I’m quitting school,” Jenny said.
Quitting school! Why?” Rich said.
I don’t want to tell you this but I’d rather you hear it from me,” she said fighting to hold back her tears and control her emotions.
What?” Rich said.
I’m pregnant,” Jenny cried and began to sob. She pulled a tissue from her jacket pocket and cried into it.
Rich was stunned and numb. He did not know what emotions he had for her. Rich did, though, feel a sense of betrayal. “You are my friend. The kind of friend I hoped to work on a school project with, laugh with, ride the bus with, walk the hallways with, and graduate together – and maybe spend the rest of my life with. I not sure what love is, but that comes pretty close.”
Why didn't you say all these things before?” Jenny said.
I never knew them until now,” Rich said.
You must think that I’m a slut,” Jenny said.
No, Jenny,” Rich said. “Things just happen.”
Bad things,” she said.
Maybe it’s none of my business, but who got you pregnant?” Rich asked.
She shook her head slightly and pressed more tears from her eyes. “It is my sister’s husband. He forced himself on me. I could have resisted, but I was too scared.”
He raped you!” Rich said.
He told my sister I came on to him. She believes him,” she said.
It’s not true!” Rich said. “Anybody that knows you knows it’s not true.”
This is ripping our family apart,” Jenny said.
What are you going to do?” Rich asked.
I’m going away to have the baby. There’s a home for unwed mothers in Toledo,” Jenny said.
I’ll come and see you,” Rich said.
No,” Jenny said. “I don’t want anybody to see me. I came by to tell you I’m sorry and say goodbye.”
If you ever want to write or call…” Rich said.
I won’t want to,” Jenny said. She smiled shyly and walked away.
Rich watched her as she walked to the cross road that led to her house. She turned, waved, and Rich waved. The last Rich saw of her was a bobbing pony tale walking down the road.
Rich thought about Chet Winters. “I'm not in love, but I'm sick at heart.”

Rich went in the house and turned on the TV. Mrs. Larsen came in the room and planted her fists firmly on her hips. “What was that all about?” she demanded.