Start With We

Agnes was furious at Lance. It seemed they were drifting apart. Their careers had taken them in two different directions. Lance had his friends and Agnes had hers. She had seminars and retreats and he had conventions and conferences. Each blamed the other and demanded the other surrender a bit of their career. Neither was willing to acquiesce.
You put yourself ahead of me!” Agnes screamed and slammed her cell phone on the floor.
Lance for perhaps the first time saw the true anguish Agnes was holding within. He picked up the phone. “It’s broken,” he said sadly.
I’ll go out and get a new one,” Agnes said and grabbed it from Lance’s hand.
She looked at the phone and pushed it with her thumbs a few times. “It fine,” Agnes said.
I wasn’t talking about the phone,” Lance said. “I was talking about me and you.”
That’s the problem,” Agnes said. “Me is always ahead of you.”
I think you’re right,” Lance confessed.
And when it comes to blame I always put you ahead of me,” Agnes said.
Where do we go from here?” Lance said.
We is a good start,” Agnes said.