What’s Over The Horizon For Short Stories And Stuff?

In an effort to keep readers up to date on what is going on with this site, a little information is thus provided.
The current episodes of The Summer of ‘62 will post last on January 18, 2017. Several short stories will be published prior to another sequel. Recall The Summer of ‘62, (now being posted) although posted after The Id and The Odyssey, is chronologically and sequentially second in the series. To clarify, The Summer of ‘62 covers a time period of late May to October of 1962, The Id and The Odyssey starts with October of 1962 and ends in October of 1964.
As of now the third book in this series is near completion. It is titled The Id and Beyond. It covers a time period from October of 1964 to October of 1965 (although that may change). I looks as if episodes of The Id and Beyond will start posting in February of 2017.

In addition, an effort will be made to post a number of short stories during the winter months. Generally the stories are quick reads, containing less than 2,000 words.
Again a warm and hearty thanks is extended to all those who are steady readers of this site. I hope it provides a brief break and a little time to settle back, read, and enjoy a coffee.