The Summer of '62; Introduction.

The Summer of '62This is just a brief intermission, of sorts, between The Id and The Odyssey and the next novel, The Summer of '62. I want to take just a few moments to introduce The Summer of '62.
The setting is a small farm in northwest Ohio.
This novel was written before The Id and The Odyssey and chronologically precedes it. This story will provide the background for The Id and The Odyssey. You will see what drove Rich Larsen, a farm boy, to move from the farm fields of the Midwest to the coast of Maine.
Rich Larsen is a fifteen year old boy trying to find his way, how he fits in life, and who he is. He is perplexed by those closest to him and desires very much to fit into the world around him. Those two worlds seem to collide and he is caught in the middle.
You will come to know those who formed his thoughts and personality.
In many ways it's just a common story of a common boy in a common time, but his life is anything but common. It's not extraordinary, but intriguing. His struggle is not so uncommon, but is reactions are.