The Id and The Odyssey: Episode 134

Heading Beyond

Rich never looked back. He maneuvered around anchored boats and past the fabled lighthouse on the tip of the breakwater, and finally into the bay. The waters were calm and a slight breeze out of the north skimmed the bay. Rich hustled to run up the sails. He cut the engine and listened to the water splash against the hull and slight ruffle of the sails. It was cool and comfortable. He slung on a jacket as he cleared Owls Head that he saw through the mist and steered then changed course to due south. Two hours from Rockland he changed course for due east. His eyes were fixed on the open Atlantic afore.
After another hour Rich saw the beacon of the Seal Island lighthouse. Nothing but open sea lay ahead. Yet he did not feel the freedom expected. Something yet, had to be done.
Rich opened one of the boxes taken from the basement of The Beacon and removed several boxes of ammunition. He placed them in the cabin with the AK 47 that laid on a bunk. He went back to the cockpit and rolled three boxes of rifles and ammunition into the sea. The forth box was the one with the grenade launcher and ordinance. “One never knows when this will come in handy.”
He removed the contents and stowed it under a bench in cockpit.
Rich tossed the box overboard and watched it float away. “That will be picked up or find it’s way to shore. The Coast Guard will be notified. Dave Smithson will come across the information and he will be satisfied that I’m heading east across the Atlantic.
He picked up the plates and held them in his hands. “Who knows what damage these would have been used for.” He hurled them into the sea. They sunk as if never existed.
Rich changed course and headed due south. “The Strait of Magellan will be less hostile in the summer.”
At last Rich relaxed. He felt something he recalled feeling a couple of years ago when he pointed his bike away from home and headed to a destination he was uncertain. Now the wiser and more confident, yet a spirit of freedom and adventure. He was feeling it again. There was for the first time in his life an existence without pretense.
Something suddenly flashed in his mind. Something he had to do. One last piece of unfinished business. It was settled in his mind.
Rich, let The Odyssey sail herself. “Take me away you majestic beast.”
Rich began to ponder where this all began. It was as if frames in film were reversed and suddenly speeds up and blurs until it came to an abrupt stop at where it all began, at a farmhouse in northwest Ohio.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed The Id and The Odyssey. The last paragraph of this story was added to take the reader to the time before Rich Larsen started on his journey from a farm in Ohio to the coast of Maine. That story has already been written. It is the novel, The Summer of ‘62.

Thus, as a gift to my readers that story will now be presented and give context to The Id and The Odyssey. If you would like to read that novel all at once rather than episodic bites it can be purchased in digital form from It can be linked from the sidebar.