The Id and The Odyssey: Episode 133

Casting Away 

“I got to go, now,” Rich said. “Whoever is coming will have orders to kill me and I don‘t think it would be good for you to be seen with me.”
“Before I go; do you know what this is all about?” Dennis said.
“I think so.” Rich said. “Sam is all tied up in some radical movement; you know the books he wanted you to read, that’s the key to who he is. But I think you know all of this already.”
“I have a working and basic knowledge of all that is going on,” Dennis said. “In the last two years I’ve been slowly cut out of things. Peggy will be leaving me for somebody more committed. I know the day is coming.”
“What should I do?” Rich said.
“I can’t tell you,” Dennis said. “I have ideas, but I can’t endorse anything. I don’t want to be responsible for anything that goes wrong. You are bright and resourceful. That got you into this mess and it can get you out. But, I will tell you this; they will hunt you down. They are everywhere. If they know where you are they will find someone to find you and take care of you. The worst thing you can do is go someplace you’ve been. Don’t end up in the military. Don’t end up in prison. Don’t contact family or old friends. They have incredible resources. I know what you are thinking, ‘who are they?’ I’m not sure Peggy knows or Sam.”
“How does Katie figure in this?” Rich said.
“Sam recruited her a long time ago,” Dennis said. “None can be trusted.”
“Wow,” Rich said. “I didn’t see that one.”
“That’s a part of everything,” Dennis said. “They look innocent and average; they blend. They are respected, trusted, educated, and liked. I would have gone to the authorities long ago, but I heard of a guy who did. He ended up dead on Mosquito Island.”
“The stuff Sam and Dave told me?” Rich said.
“Mostly fiction,” Dennis said.
“I’ve been a dupe for some time,” Rich said.
“Aren’t we all,” Dennis said.
“I’m alone aren’t I” Rich said.
“Aren’t we all,” Dennis said.
“No, Dennis,” Rich said. “I don’t think we are. I’ve come across good people, you for one.”
“Thanks, Rich,” Dennis said. “Take that optimism, put it in an envelope, and mail it to me someday.”
“Can’t do that,” Rich smiled. “The post mark will give away my whereabouts”
Sail out of Penobscot Bay and don’t tell anyone where you are going, not even me.”
“They know where I’m going,” Rich said.
“Yeah,” Dennis smiled, “but the world is a big place; be creative.”
“You risk your life for me,” Rich said, “I don’t know how to repay.”
“Live a good life, Rich,” Dennis said. “And perhaps someday I’ll be sitting alone in a small coffee shop after a signing and a man will come up and sit across from me and say ‘how have you been, ole friend.’ That will be the best day of my life.” Dennis gave Rich a firm hug and patted him on the back. He stepped one foot on the dock. “You better cast off now. I’ll toss your lines.” Dennis hoisted himself from The Odyssey.
Rich nodded. “I…”

“Take care, my friend,” Dennis said.