The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 132

A Friend Indeed

It was Dennis Hudson.
“So you’re the one they sent,” Rich said.
“I’ve come to help you,” Dennis said. “Are there any kind of tools down here?”
Rich suddenly calculated all he new about Dennis and it all fell in place in a flash; he can be trusted. “No,” Rich said, “but I do have the key.” Rich stood with his hands free and proudly displayed the key. “As it turns out I really don’t need any help.”
“Let’s get out of here,” Dennis said. “The way I figure it you got about two hours before somebody arrives.”
Dennis started up the steps.
“Wait!” Rich said.
“What!” Dennis said.
“There’s some things down here that will be used for no good,” Rich said.
“Call the police,” Dennis said.
“I don’t know who can be trusted,” Rich said.
Rich lifted the canvass. “Let’s move these upstairs and I’ll load them in The Jeep.”
“What’s in there?” Dennis said. “Russian rifles, ammunition, and a grenade launcher.”
Dennis squinted in disbelief and shrugged. “Let’s get busy.”
Rich and Dennis hauled the boxes to the backdoor.
“What are you going to do with them?” Dennis said.
“Put them on my boat and cast them overboard as soon as I get to open water,” Rich said.
“Let’s go down stairs again,” Rich said.
“There’s more?” Dennis said.
“Yeah,” Rich said, “you could say that.”
They dashed down the steps. Rich went to the printer’s cabinet and removed the plates wrapped in cloth and handed them to Dennis.
“What are these?” Dennis said bouncing them to feel the weight.
“Plates,” Rich said and pulled back the cloth for Dennis to see, “they’re for forging passports and birth certificates.”
Rich removed two more. “Take a look at these.”
Dennis pulled back the cloth from one. “Oh my god, this one is for a fifty.”
They stared at each other.
“We got to go,” Dennis said. “This is the kind of stuff people will do anything for.”
They got the back door again.
“There’s no time to get your jeep,” Dennis said. “Let’s load it in my car and take it to your boat.”
They quickly loaded Dennis’s car and drove toward marina.
“How did you know I was chained up in the basement?” Rich said.
“Peggy is a key figure in the movement,” Dennis said. “She got a call a little while ago. She told me what it was about and had to leave to meet with Dave and Sam. They had to meet some place where they would not arouse suspicion and make a private phone call. They have the use of a corporate office near here.”
“Where do you stand in all this?” Rich said. “I was sympathetic towards many of the issues, but Peggy was in it heart and soul. The more she became involved the further she got from me. Our marriage was only an existence for a couple of years. I thought for a short while things might actually work out. Her showings were nothing more than a ruse to come in contact with others around the country and recruit. She will use anything. It would not surprise me if she tried or was successful in seducing you. I watched her attention she gave you.”
“I thought that of her,” Rich said, “but I never. I value our friendship too much.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me what was going on?” Rich said.
“I was taking a risk in Boston,” Dennis said. “After my conversation with you I thought Peggy would leave me and I would be the one tied to a drain pipe waiting to be taken care of.”
“What about now?” Rich said. “Maybe you should go with me.”
“At this point they have no idea about what I’m doing,” Dennis said. “They view me as only a sympathizer and not a true zealous believer.”
“I’ll worry about you,” Rich said.
“Don’t worry,” Dennis said, “I have options.”
“And so do they,” Rich said.
They pulled into the marina parking lot lit only by night lights. There was a heavy dampness that hung around the lights like a thin gauze. There was an eerie quietness as if somebody were poised behind a curtain in a dark room.
Dennis opened the trunk of his car. Rich quickly reached in and opened the box with and AK 47 in it. He grabbed the weapon and snapped a banana clip in place and slung it over his shoulder.
“Where did you learn that?” Dennis.
“Last fall I went to the a Marines Reserves meeting for the paper,” Rich said, “and they demonstrated.”
“Do you know how to use it?” Dennis said.
“No,” Rich said, “but if somebody comes looking for me with a pistol, I’ll sure look bad ass.”
“Let’s get you loaded and cast off before you want to shoot that thing,” Dennis said.
They quickly moved everything into the cockpit of The Odyssey. They stood in the cockpit.

“Now what?” Dennis said.