The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 129

Goodbye Edna 

The next day Rich drove to Edna’s and parked in front of her house. Her home was cottage-like in appearance, neat and orderly. He pushed on the doorbell. He heard it, but no one came to the door. Her car was in the drive and another car behind it. Rich walked to the backyard. Edna was working in the garden and a man was working with her.
Their backs were to Rich. He walked to the edge of the garden.
“Edna,” Rich said.
She stood and smiled. “Rich, you’re a welcomed sight!” She walked toward Rich and hugged him. “There is somebody I want you to meet.”
The man walked toward them. He was a short man, slim. He was dark with thick black hair and although his smile seemed forced Rich was sure it wasn’t, it was just the way he smiled.
“This is the long lost love I told you about,” Edna said.
“Gerald, this is Rich and Rich, this is Gerald.”
There was a brief friendly exchange of pleasantries.
“Will you have a coffee with us,” Edna said. “We were just talking about having one.”
“Actually,” Rich said, “I merely stopped to say goodbye.”
“The voyage?” Gerald said. “Edna told me about it.”
“Yeah,” Rich said, “I’m going to be so busy the next couple of weeks I was afraid of forgetting and leaving without saying something.”
“Don’t you think the three of us can get together for a meal?” Edna said.
“That would be great!” Gerald said.
Rich smiled. “I’d really like that, but it’s just too difficult for me to plan.”
“How ’bout this,” Edna said, “We’re very flexible, so give us call. We can be ready in minutes.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Rich said, “but because I can’t promise anything, why don’t I just say goodbye now.”
“Sure,” Edna said sorrowfully holding her head down.
“Be safe,” Gerald said, “and don’t make this our last meeting.”
“I hope not,” Rich said. “There is one thing, Edna and though it’s private, I assume it will remain between the three of us.”
“Sure,” they said.
“After I leave, you may hear some strange stories about me,” Rich said. “Don’t believe them. I’ve been honest in all things. If Sam or an investigator named Dave Smithson should come around don’t trust them. The same goes for Dennis and Peggy Hudson. They are involved in something I’m not sure about, things I don’t understand. I was going to give you the evidence against them, but it would put you in danger. So if anyone should ask tell them you know nothing. That’s all I can say.”
“Are you in danger?” Edna said.
“I don’t know,” Rich said, “but don’t trust the people just mentioned. They are corrupt.”
“Rich,” Gerald said, “have you thought about going to the authorities?”
“Yeah,” Rich said, “but I don’t know who to trust around here. If something should happen to me just forget it, just let it be.”
“Why are you telling us this?” Edna said.
Rich pulled an envelope from his shirt pocket. “This is addressed to my parents. Only if something happens to me send the letter.”
“I’ll do it,” Edna said.
“Nice meeting you, Gerald,” Rich said, “and goodbye, Edna.”
Edna hugged Rich and kissed him on the cheek.

Rich smiled and walked to the Jeep.