The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 110

Got To Start A Revolution

“I have a lot of things on my mind,” Rich said, “You know, a long trip, maybe three years.“ However, Rich was thinking about the friendship he had with them when he first arrived. It wasn’t the same. What he thought he had he was afraid no longer existed.
“That’s natural,” Katy said.
“Almost two years ago I left my family and I don’t miss them. I want to see them, but I don’t miss them like I will you guys,” Rich said and sniffled. “Leaving home should have been tragic, but it was a relief. I have only met good people along the way. I‘m afraid if a venture takes me beyond what I have here, I can never again have what I‘ve had the last year and a half. This is the life I want. I want friends who can be depended upon.”
Dennis scooted to the edge his chair. “Rich, good begets good. Good people bring out the good in others. I have been enriched by knowing you - we all have.”
Each had their own astonished looks except Sam.
“You are one extraordinary young man,” Dennis said smiling.
“And we’re glad to have you here,” Peggy said patting Rich’s knee.
“Well, tell us about your plans,” Dennis said encouragingly. “Inform us about your trip.”
“Our young friend has grown much the last couple of months,” Sam said. “He’s set to harness his passion.”
Rich wasn’t ready for where Sam was about to take the conversation.
Rich smiled broadly and quickly intervened. “It will take me two to three years. I plan to start this fall or possibly next spring. I’m not totally certain. I think most of the preparation will be mental. There’s a lot to do between now and then. The first leg of my trip will be across the Atlantic with stops in Greenland and Iceland. That’s a bit out of the way, but those are places I want to see. And next …” And Rich went on to relate his plans that became an encouraging interchange. He avoided any conversation that might involve or commit him to a political view. The Baez article was enough, he did not want to further perjure his conscience .
“That was some nifty writing on Baez a few weeks back,” Dennis said.
“I was quite proud of his efforts,” Sam said.
“Proud is not the word for it,” Katy said. “That’s all he talked about for a week.”
“It hit the coast didn’t it?” Peggy said.
“San Francisco, LA, and Seattle,” Sam said.
“A couple more articles like that and you’ll be able to fly around the world,” Dennis said.
“Tell them what you think of politics and society,” Sam urged. “You area among friends.”
Rich mulled Sam’s words and the ones he was trying to frame. He thought, “they want something. Give them something.”
“You know something,” Rich said. “If I was to tell you some of my radical thoughts it might scare you and end our friendship. But as it is I’m going to head back to my place. You guys can talk about formula, contractions, and baby names; I got a revolution to plan.”
Rich stood and said goodnight.
On the drive back to Rockland he was relieved to be away from them. The enjoyment he once had in the presence of their company had faded into a memory he was not certain of it’s genuine nature anymore.
Rich returned to his apartment. It was time for some music from Carman followed by Lionel Hampton, Billy Holiday, and The Beatles. Music can either calm you into a state where thinking is clear or take you to where thinking is not needed. As the evening drew to midnight it became clear, for the present, it was the latter.
The next day was Saturday. He was up early and went to a diner for breakfast. As he left he bumped into Gordy just outside the door of the diner.
“Wow,” Gordy said, “arent’ you the early bird.”
“I got some thing planned for the day and need an early start,” Rich said.
“Sailing?” Gordy said.
“No,” Rich said.
“What are you doing today?” Gordy said.
“I’m driving up to Edmundston,” Rich said.
“What on earth for?” Gordy said.
“Just to get away,” Rich said.
“Do you mind if I come along,” Gordy said. “We’ll split the gas.”
“Maybe we could do it some other time,” Rich said. “It’s hard to explain, but I have to get out of here and be by myself for awhile.”
“Sure go have a good time in Edmundston,” Gordy smiled. “See if I care. Sounds to me like a fun time.”
“Believe me,” Rich said, “I wouldn’t be good company.”
“Drive safe and see you Monday,” Gordy said.

See you Monday,” Rich said and got in the jeep and drove away.