The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 97


“I think the only reason you asked me to go with you is that you don’t think your car can make it,” Rich said to Gordy.
Gordy chuckled. “You got a jeep. It’s New York City. Who in New York City is going to hit a jeep. They would hit my car, a Lemans.”
“How far is it after we get to Boston?” Rich asked.
“Four hours at the tops,” Gordy said. “I drove it all the time when I lived in Boston.” Gordy reached in the back seat and grabbed his coat and covered himself. “You got the heater all the way up?”
“That’s the trouble with you blue bloods from Boston,” Rich chided. “You can’t take the least bit of discomfort. On days like these you’re used to curling up with a book in front of the fireplace inside your Hyannis Port compound.”
“I was raised in Roxbury,” Gordy countered.
“But a very good part of Roxbury,” Rich added.
“You need to get away from Sam’s influence,” Gordy said smiling. “He’s so - so Eisenhoweristic. That’s why I’m taking you down to the City to hear Dylan.”
“Is that a word?” Rich said.
“It is now,” Gordy said.
Gordy threw back his coat and sat up stiff, “Hey I got an idea!”
Rich jerked the wheel and quickly placed his foot on the break and clutch. The jeep slowed abruptly. “Geez, Gordy, ya scared the crap out of me. I thought something jumped out in front of me.”
“We listen to Dylan and interview him,” Gordy said facing Rich. “You do it from a conservative point of view and I do it from a liberal point of view. That way we can deduct the whole trip as an expense and write it off.”
“Spoken like a true elitist liberal,” Rich said. “Raise taxes and not pay them. Thank goodness you have the union workers on your side to pay your taxes.”
“You have been listening to Sam too much,” Gordy said.
“Sam voted for and supported Kennedy,” Rich said.
“What!” Gordy said.
“Sam is very analytical,” I said. “He could not make up his mind, so he flipped a coin.”
“He really did?” Gordy said.
“Yeah he did,” Rich said. “He said the perfect presidential cycle is eight years of conservatives, and four years of liberals. He swore the problems today are that four years of Roosevelt is all this country could have afforded.”
“That’s interesting,” Gordy said wondering.
“Careful, Gordy, you’re slipping,” Rich said.
“How ‘bout we do this you write about Dylan as a liberal and I do it as a conservative,” Gordy said.
“You’re doing it to curry favor, you ole sly dog,” Rich said.
“What do you think of the Beatles?” Gordy asked.
“I like there music, but I’m not ready to give my life over to them,” Rich said pointing to Gordy’s new hair style, combed down over his forehead.
He frowned. “You got to change with the times. The Elvis look is out.”
“I didn’t know it was in,” Rich said. “I want people twenty years from now to look at a picture of me and say ‘except for a little weight you look the same.’ I don’t want them to say ‘Whow! You sure looked weird in the sixties.’ Good music last forever. Bad hairdos last five years, max.”
“Their music is so energetic,” Gordy said.

I kinda want music to relax me,” Rich said.