The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 95

She's Mine

Everyone was up before the sun. After breakfast and fond goodbyes from Sarah they walked down the steps toward the car. Sarah stayed in the house. She was dressed only in pajamas and a robe. Frank was dressed and slung on a jacket.
Frank walked them to the car. He gave Katie a peck on the cheek and a hug. He shook Sam’s hand and hugged him. He walked up to Rich and reached inside his jacket. He pulled out the book Sailing Alone Around the World. “It’s a first edition and autographed by Slocum himself. It’s a gift.”
Rich’s heart filled with gratitude. He looked at Sam and Katie. They smiled approvingly.
“Thank you, sir,” Rich said. “Is this book special to you?”
“Not until now,” Frank said. “Things don’t become special until they are in the right place.”

Frank handed yet another book to Rich. It was wrapped in brown paper and sealed shut with tape. “The first book is for entertainment. The book inside here is for thinking and enlightenment.”
Frank shook Rich’s hand and gave him a hearty hug. “Take care, son.”
Katie drove Sam and Rich to Provincetown. They drove to the dock where The Odyssey was moored. Sam and Katie turned around to Rich in the back seat. Katie handed Rich an envelope. “This is the title to The Odyssey,” Katie said. “Sam and I want you to have her.”
“What!” Rich said. “I don’t know what to say. You mean you‘re giving her to me.”
“It was a gift to me,” Sam said. “Now it’s a gift to you.”
“Why?” Rich said.
“I know you love this boat more than I ever will,” Sam said. “You’ve done more to it and sailed it far more than I. It should be yours. In fact that boat already thinks she belongs to you. It is like Frank said, nothing becomes special until it is in the right place. The Odyssey’s right place is with you.”
“I’m…” Rich stammered. “I can’t say anything except thanks.”
Sam reached up to shake Rich’s hand. “Congratulations, now you take her home - solo.”
“Yer kidding me,” Rich said.
“Not kidding,” Sam said. “Katie and I will help you cast off.”
It was a tearful and joyful cast-off. Rich started the engine and gently pulled away. Sam and Katie wore smiles and waved.
“See you in Rockland,” Rich said.
“See you in Rockland,” Sam said.
“See you in Rockland,” Katie said.
Rich putted into the harbor. He glanced over his shoulder for one last look. Sam and Katie were huddled together and waved again. Rich waved back. They got in the car and drove away. Rich motored into Cape Cod Bay and cut the engine and ran up the sails. They flapped open and The Odyssey soon began to skip across the bay, around the tip of the cape, and into the open sea.

For two hours it was nothing but sailing. Rich’s attention was on nothing but the wind, the waves, the sails, the pitch and yaw. The weather was numbingly cold. For a moment ever so brief a warm charge raced through him as he looked fore, port, starboard, and aft. “This is mine,” he said boldly. “This is my spot on the earth, undisputed and I have the document to prove it.”