The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 102


An hour later Smithson parked next to Rich at the marina’s parking lot ten minutes after he arrived. He got out of his car and climbed in the passenger’s seat of the jeep.
Rich handed Dave the ledger.
He opened it and held it to catch the light from a parking lot lamp. He read a couple of pages.
“Have you read this,” Dave said.
“No,” Rich said. “I read the first entry and thumbed through the rest.”
“Does anyone else know you have it?” Dave said.
“No,” Rich said.
“Where did you get it?” Dave said.
“A safety deposit box in Augusta,” Rich said.
“How did you know about it?” Dave said.
“Mrs. Graffe told me the whereabouts of the key when I visited her in prison,” Rich said.
“Did she tell you anything else about the contents?” Dave said.
“No,” Rich said. “nothing. She told me about the key and didn’t say another word about it.”
“You held on to the key for quite sometime,” Dave said. “Why?”
“I forgot about it and didn’t go out and get it till recently,” Rich said. “The key was hidden at their house.”
“You should have given me the key right away,” Dave said.
“I thought it was just something personal,” Rich said. “I think she became fond of me.”
“Don’t tell anyone about this,” Dave said. “We didn’t even have this meeting. You haven’t told anyone, have you?”
“No,” Rich said. “I depend on our confidential relationship.”
Dave smiled. “Good man.”
He shook Rich’s hand. “Thanks, Rich. You‘ll be kept up to date.”
Dave got out of the jeep and into his car. He drove away as if Rich wasn’t there.
Rich drove around for a half hour before pulling up to Sam’s house. He invited Rich in and they sat in his study.
“Smithson have the ledger?” Sam said.
“Yeah,” Rich said.
“Did Smithson ask who else knew about the ledger’s existence?” Sam said.
“Yes,” Rich said, “I told him nothing.”
“That’s good,” Sam said.
“May I ask why we’re being so secretive with the police?” Rich said.
“Don’t trust anyone, Rich,” Sam said. “It’s not the person, but the machine he belongs to, the other people that are a part of it. Things can be revealed that are beyond Smithson’s ability to control. You have competing law enforcement agencies, aggressive and ambitious prosecutors, and every step of the way people who may be on the take.”
“Why did you photo it?” Rich asked.
“Evidence has a way of getting lost,” Sam said.
“Do you think this is something big?” Rich said.
Sam slowly nodded. “Those names you read are important names. They are names of people who don’t want to be known. Don’t speak about this to anyone. If you talk to me make sure nobody is around; not Gordy, not Rudy. If you meet with Smithson again tell him you’re uncomfortable talking about it. Tell him you’ve told him all there is. You are not being disrespectful or breaking the law. You are held to the same ethics a police officer is. For the same reason he withholds information from you, you can withhold it from him.”
Rich stood. “I’m going home now.”
“Take notes and keep them in my safe,” Sam said.
Rich bobbed his head to indicate he understood. He started to speak and stopped.
“What is it Rich?” Sam said.
“Nothing,” Rich said.
“Say what’s on you mind,” Sam said. “Let me decide if it is important.”
“The book Frank and you gave me,” Rich said. “They are important; they were meant to alert me.”
“Yes,” Sam said.
“Thanks,” Rich said. He shook Sam’s hand and left.
Strange, by the time Rich pulled into the driveway next to his apartment there was no thought of the day’s activities.
Al poked his head out the door of his apartment.
“How’s it goin’, Rich?” Al said.
“Another long day,” Rich said. “You folks okay?”
“Sure, Rich,” Al said. “Alice and I are just fine. Good night.”
“Good night, Al,” Rich said. “And say good night to the Mrs.”
Rich trudged up the steps and into the apartment. He brewed a cup of tea and had two pieces of cinnamon toast.”

The apartment was tranquil and protective. Nothing could touch him there, neither in body or spirit. “Instincts,” Rich mumbled, “I wonder what blows in the wind?”