Sweet Thursday; Are You Looking Forward To the Olympics?

Isn’t it about time to pull the plug on the Olympics.
The world did without them from 339 CE to 1896. Another 1500 year hiatus is in order.
The Romans stopped them because they had become filled with pagan rituals and decadence. If the Romans did that, it must have really been over the top. Come on, where did orgies and toga parties originate? I wonder what the Romans would think of today’s Olympics?
Women’s events have become nothing more than a flesh show. Does a woman run faster with half of her derriere showing? Isn’t it the same with men! Why are women’s volley ball outfits much more reviling than men’s? I don’t think it’s performance. The public is seeing more flesh at swimming events than an episode of Naked and Afraid. Some day networks telecasting the Olympics will have to blur areas of the body. The Olympics has become some sort of a peep show billed as an athletic event.
Men sprinters are wearing running suits so tight it might be cutting off blood flow to vital body parts - like the brain.
Don’t we long for the good old days when women were women? When women shot putters had hairy legs, hairy armpits, and hairy chests.
However I do have a plan. The Olympics are supposed to promote world unity (yeah right). The Olympics have been hosted by countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. There seems to be one continent missing; Antarctica. Name one place that would be more politically neutral?
At least the athletes will have to wear clothing. Can you imagine running the hurtles in a parka? Divers would have to dive before the water froze over.