Treasure From The Future

thMYG4XJP3Bulldog drove to Charley’s house to pick him up so they could do a night of bar hopping. Bulldog 
burst into Charley’s place as excited as a puppy in a new home.
“Charley you ain’t gonna believe this. Charley, I swear to god I went into the future,” Bulldog said. “And I saw some wonderful things.”
“No such thing,” Charley said. “Remember when you said you sat down and ate with Big Foot?”
“That was Big Betty Summers,” Bulldog said. “Drunk or sober it’s hard to tell the difference.”
“Was you drunk, then?” Charley said.
“No,” Bulldog said. “For real.”
“Just give me one ounce of proof,” Charley said.
“Like what?” Bulldog said.
Charley turned on the TV. “It’s time for the news. Now if you went into the future tell me what the lead story will be on tonight’s news.”
“I didn’t pay any attention,” Bulldog said.
“You expect me to believe you?” Charley said. “Now, let me listen to the news and don’t bother me with your stupid fairytales.”
The newscaster said, “Tonight’s lead story is a local man, Meriwether “Bulldog” McKenzie, is the winner of the $3 hundred million dollar super mega lottery.”
Charley looked perplexed at Bulldog.
“I was in the future only long enough to get get the winning lottery numbers,” Bulldog said.
“Your name is Meriwether?” Charley said.
“That does sound like a rich guy's name,” Bulldog said. “I should have known all along I‘d be rich someday.”