The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 88

Trip to North Haven

Rich stopped for a coffee before going back to the office.
When he reached the top of the stairs at The Beacon he rapped on the window of Sam’s office and waved.
“Everything okay?” Sam called out looking up from mound of papers on his desk.
“Everything is okay,” Rich said flashing an okay sign with his hand.
Sam waved for Rich to step in the office. Rich leaned through the door.
“You look tired and kind of down,” Sam said.
“Rough night,” Rich said. “I had some tea late last night and it kept me from sleeping.”
“If there’s something you’d like to talk over I’m always available,” Sam said.
“Maybe someday,” Rich said, “just not today.”
“I understand,” Sam said. “You’ve had an eventful couple of months.”
“Yeah,” Rich said, “I sure have, but that’s the news business.”
“Before long this will all be routine,” Sam said.
“Yeah,” Rich said, “speaking of routine, I better get back to it.”
Rich sat at his desk and began looking through some notes on a proposed shopping center. “It would be just my luck they break ground on this shopping center and they find human bones,” Rich thought and smiled.
The rest of the week routinely slipped by.
Sunday morning Rich arrived at The Odyssey at 8:00 AM. He prepared it for sailing. He brewed a pot of coffee in the galley and it was ready just at Edna arrived.
“Permission to come aboard,” Edna said cheerfully.
“Come aboard, ye land lover,” Rich said. He reached for her hand and helped her aboard.
“Are you ready to sail?” Rich said.
“I’m ready,” Edna said excitedly.
“Untie the back lines and I’ll get the front lines,” Rich said.
“I was raised near the ocean,” Edna said, “you can say aft and bow and I won’t be standing around like a farmer on his first voyage.”
“You got something against farmers?” Rich said.
They unloosened the lines and motored into the harbor. Edna helped Rich hoist the sails and within a half hour they cleared the a harbor and were well into the bay with a good breeze.
Rich sat at the wheel and Edna was across from him sitting on the bench.
“There’s some coffee below,” Rich said. “How ‘bout a cup?”
“Just what I need,” Edna said, “and you too?”
“Yeah,” Rich said. “You’ll find a couple cinnamon rolls on the table.”
Edna got the coffee and the rolls. They enjoyed them as Rich steered the boat eastward.
“Where are we going?” Edna ask.
“North Haven,” Rich said.
“Never been there,” Edna said.
“Me neither,” Rich said. “We should get there a little before noon and if you like we can eat something on the boat or go to a restaurant on shore.”
“Let’s eat on the boat,” Edna said.
“Good,” Rich said, “I brought something for us. Last night I made some clam chowder and I bought some lobster salad and a loaf of French bread.”
“Seems like you thought of everything,” Edna said.
“I have cheese as a snack on the way back.” Rich said.
The trip was delightful. The Odyssey handled well and seemed to skim the waters like a stone. Small talk seemed in time to the beat of flapping sails and crashing waves.
Rich steadied the boat north east into the calmer waters of the group of islands that comprise Vinalhaven. He steered toward what is known as the Fox Island Thoroughfare. Soon they were in waters surrounded on their starboard and port my land with thick stands of trees nearly stripped of leaves.
“Do you like sailing,” Edna said.
“I think sailing likes me,” Rich said. “It has seduced me completely. Some day I‘d like to sail around the world. I know I never will, but at least in my mind I can.”
“If you can think it,” Edna said, “you can do it.”
“I think it takes more than what I got,” Rich said.
“I think you have more than you think you have,” Edna said.
“I know that it takes time and money,” Rich said, “not to mention a boat. This boat belongs to Sam.”
“If it’s something you really want to do you will see opportunities where none exist,” Edna said. “Some men see the ocean as never ending, others see it as something that takes them to a destination.”
Rich smiled, “Those sound like the words of somebody who wants to get rid of me.”
“I think you should follow your passion,” Edna said.
Rich looked confidently astern as a calm breeze eased them into the Fox Island Thoroughfare.