The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 78

Planning a Voyage

Sam called Rich into his office in early November. “Do you have anything on The Odyssey that you want? I’m going to put her in dry dock for the winter.”
“Really,” Rich said. “I thought you wanted to do some sailing this winter. I thought that would be great fun to be on the bay. It couldn‘t be any worse or colder than skiing.”
“You have really become a sailor,” Sam said. “You really love to sail don’t you.”
“Yeah,” Rich and thought for a moment. “I guess you can say I do.”
“Then let’s keep her in the water and we’ll take her out a few times this winter,” Sam said. “Do you have anything in mind?”
“I wouldn’t mind sailing the coast,” Rich said. “And I think I have some time-off coming to me. Either I get the time-off or unionize.”
“That’s a good one,” Sam said, “but it’s starting to get old. Where were you thinking?”
“Nothing too extreme,” Rich said looking at a map on the wall to Sam’s right. He stood and studied it closer. “Maybe just to Bar Harbor or Corea.”
“That’s sissy stuff,” Sam said. He stood and went to the map and pointed. “What would you think of Provincetown?”
“That’s quite a trip,” Rich said.
“Depends on how you sail it,” Sam said, “It’s between 175 and 200 miles. With good weather it can be sailed in two days easy. When younger I sailed from Virginia Beach to Bermuda and than to Charleston. 15 or 1600 miles altogether. It‘s a trip I‘ll never forget.”
“Alone?” Rich said.
“Yeah, alone,” Sam said.
“Weren’t you afraid?” Rich said.
“No, not at all,” Sam said.
Rich quickly mapped such a trip as to Provincetown in his mind while studying the map. “Are you serious about Provincetown,” Rich said.
“It will be cold and we don’t want to get too far from shore,” Sam cautioned. “A nor’easter comes up quickly and can test the skills of any seasoned sailor.”
“I’m game,” Rich smiled confidently.
“It will be great,” Sam said pleased. “When do you want to go?”
“Let’s try it the middle of December,” Rich said. “And be back before the holidays.”
“Be sure to take two bottles of rum,” Sam said.
“One for the trip down and one for the trip back?” Rich said.
“No, two for the trip down and we’ll buy two their for the trip back,” Sam said.

For the next week Rich thought of little else. He laid in bed at night thinking about the trip. He studied the charts and maps. Sometimes he got up in the middle of the night and spread the charts on the table.