Sweet Thursday; Wal-Mart Restrooms

There is something strange about Wal-Mart restrooms; they either need cleaned or are being cleaned. There seems to be not middle ground. Some restrooms you walk into and you can say, “Hey, this looks like it has just been cleaned.”
If they were unionized I’d swear the union had somebody come in right after the cleaning to dirty it up. It’s call job security.
I don’t know how many times I’ve entered Wal-Mart on a dead run without a moment to spare and the at the entrance to the restroom a chain is across it with a sign “Restrooms being cleaned.” I’m glad for a moment I thought somebody might be held hostage. And the time when the sign is not up, you can’t find a commode that doesn’t look like the bottom of an outhouse or a urinal that doesn’t look like tap water from Flint, Michigan.

I ducked under the chain one time a the guy leaning against the wall said to me, “We’re cleaning the restrooms.” I replied, “No you’re not; you’re holding up the wall and I’m down to few options.”