Stay Hooked Stay Alive

If you’re life is in downward spiral of drug, alcohol abuse, or moral degradation; you know coming apart at the seems, you are likely doing just fine. Trust me, don’t change a thing.
I’m not advocating to start that type of lifestyle. In deed, it’s not good for you and brings one into all sorts of danger, not only to health; physical, emotional, and mental, but also the company one keeps. This is not to mention how is destroys others; those close to you and even those you don’t know.
Just don’t do it! But if you do, it’s wise to stay on the path you are on. I have a reason.
Have you ever watched these murder mystery television shows. They methodically go through a murder, the investigation, the evidence, the suspects, the trial, and the sentence. It takes about five minutes to tell, but it’s stretched out to an hour.
If I may step aside from my original reason for posting for a moment. Would this not be a good time to advertise for criminal defense attorneys, guns for personal protection, and life insurance incase you want to murder someone in the family and profit from it?

Back to my reason for this post. In at least 50% of those programs the person who ends up dead has just gotten their life back in order. They were on drugs, had no job, living on the streets, hooking, stealing, and whatever lowlife thing imaginable. They get their life back together and get killed. “Who knows what Lucy Mickerson could have been? Just as she was getting her life back together death came knocking at her door.” Lucy stay on drugs! Stay alive! Make a choice; you want to die on drugs or be hacked to death by an ax murderer? By all means don’t get you life back together.