Waking Up To A Nightmare

thNUGD35BTKyle ran, stumbled, crawled, and hid among the jungle through the night. Explosions lit the green 
around him as if to guide his escape. The thunderous explosions shook the ground and shoved him to the earth like a rag doll.
He picked himself up and continued to run. Branches swiped at his face and under growth grabbed at his ankles. Where he was running, he was not certain. All he knew is that he was just running from something terrible and deadly.
Kyle fell again. The sound of machine gun fire echoed and ripped through the foliage overhead.
He crawled furiously until his knees and elbows were raw and sore. He stopped and pressed his helmet tight against his head. Something warm dripped into his eye. He wiped and looked at his hand, blood. Fingers searched furiously for the wound.
A small whole; an entrance wound. Panic - something was inside his head; lodged in his brain. Suddenly a sharp pain emanated from the top of his scalp and ran through his body.
“I must get up and move before some sort of paralysis or disorientation takes over,” he thought.
He struggled to his feet and ran forward. Tingling and a feeling of numbness streaked though his legs. They suddenly grew completely numb. He collapsed and tumbled endlessly until coming to a rest.

Kyle jerked and awoke from his recurring nightmare. He was safe now, in his bunker as shells exploded and pounded the night and machine gun fire like the clickety-clack of a train on the track lulled him back to sleep.