The Id and The Odyssey: Episode 74

The Bench Talk  

“Hey, kid,” a deep voice said from behind Rich.
Rich turned around. It was Dave.
“Let’s take a walk, kid,” Dave said and gestured with his head down the street.
They walked a few steps.
“That’s one complicated and messed up woman,” Dave said. “And the guy she’s married to is the only stable thing she’ll have in her life. I hope it all works out for them. I hate to see anybody’s marriage end up on the rocks.”
“I don’t like the way I’m feeling right now,” Rich said thinking about Peggy.
“How’s that?” Dave said.
“I’m not so sure…” Rich hesitated, “never mind.”
“I suppose you’re wondering why we’re taking a walk,” Dave said.
“Haven’t had time to think about it,” Rich said.
“She’s got to you hasn’t she?” Dave said.
“I’m confused,” Rich said. “She’s older.”
“Well, to me she’s young,” Dave said.
“Part of me hopes she never comes back,” Rich said.
Dave gestured with his hand to sit on a street bench in front of a drugstore. They sat.
“I going to feed you the story,” Dave said. “It’s all off the record, but if you follow a few of the leads you already have you’ll get there. What I’m about to tell you will save you some long hours and sleepless nights. On second thought, maybe I should let you figure it all out on your own; it will keep your mind off the willowy wench.”
“You sound literary,” Rich said.
“I’ve read some books,” Dave said.
“What have you got?” Rich said.
“The sketch of Dally by Peggy is in the property room in Augusta. As far as anyone knows it’s just a piece of evidence that didn’t make sense at the time.”
“That’s awfully decent of you,” Rich said.
“No,” Dave said, “it’s awfully dumb of me. I followed a lead from a drunken lose lipped ferry boat crewman and that’s the clue that led to Dally’s murder. Find that guy and you‘ve got some more of the story. Once you talk with him come and see me. Sense I‘m going on vacation, let’s skip some steps and you interview me now.”
“I hope I get this right,” Rich joked.
“There is some evidence to suggest the murder might have even occurred in Boston,” Dave said. “However, I can’t disclose the nature of the evidence. It might compromise an ongoing investigation.”
“Will the investigation in Boston keep Peggy’s name out of it?” Rich said.
“I can’t say for sure,” Dave said. “It seems like Dally was bragging to some of his cronies back in Brockton about an artist chick he was having an affair with.”
“How did the body get up here?” Rich ask.
“They think it came up in a freezer truck with a load of frozen meat,” Dave said. “The first stop was a grocery in Thomaston early one morning. Two goons took the body out and put it on a small fishing boat and that’s how it ended up on Mosquito.”
“What about the sketch?” Rich asked. “How did it get to the island.”
“Dally had a room in Portland,” Dave said. “The freezer truck stopped there on the way to Rockland. He showed the sketch to some of his associates a year ago and they knew about it. I can’t tell you the guy whose behind it, but he’s a cool customer, a real professional - if you want to call it that. That’s his clue; he leaves a clue that points to someone else. He studies the person and than carries out the hit. He’s a Boston guy.”
“It that why you’re worried about me?” Rich said.
“Not so much worried,” Dave said, “just being cautious. He’s not known to hit guys beyond the criminal world, but if you should get too close and as a result of being inexperienced reveal his name it might put you in a dangerous position. So be cautious about what you print. The paper can protect you against libel, but this element is something else.”
“What all is Dally’s background to the criminal world?” Rich said.
“Dally was taking stolen cars from the Boston area and parting them out to dealers and shops all over Maine,” Dave said. “It seems he was stiffing the boys in Boston and they didn’t like it. They relinquished his contract - without the right to renegotiate.”
“I’m really over my head on this one, ain’t I, Dave.” Rich said.
“And so is Rudy,” Dave said.
“Sam gave me some undeserved credit,” Rich said.
“There either has been or will be many times in your life when you do something you did well and didn’t get credit,” Dave said, “this makes up for those times. So treat it as if it’s yours.”
“That’s hard for me to do,” Rich said.
“Well, nevertheless, it will look good on your resume,” Dave said. “My car ‘s parked in the next block. I’ll catch you later.”
Rich grabbed Dave’s arm before he could get to his feet. “What about the gun?”
“I don’t know anything about a gun,” Dave said.
“The gun you gave me,” Rich said.
“You’re losing me kid,” Dave said.
“The gun I brought from Ohio,” Rich said leading Dave.
“If you got a gun I’d hold on to it,” Dave said.
Dave stood and walked to his car. Rich walked back to The Beacon. The gun took his mind off of Peggy.