The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 73

Goodbye, Peggy

Saturday the White’s planned another party. It was to celebrate Peggy’s showings and going away . The party was canceled by Peggy. Rich used the Saturday to take Dave’s advice and shot a box of ammunition into the open waters of Penobscot Bay.
Before leaving for New York and her first showing Peggy stopped by the office. She asked to speak with Rich privately and they used an interview room next to Sam‘s office.
They sat in cushioned chairs.
Peggy smiled broadly as if relieved.
How are you doing?” Rich said.
I’m doing good,” Peggy said, “very good.”
That’s good,” Rich said. “I hope your showings will be the start of more good things.”
That’s not what I feel good about,” Peggy said. “I talked with Smithson. He is very thorough and even though he comes of as tough, he seems very decent and most importantly Dennis was with me.”
Rich walked her to the car. Before she got in she said, “Drop out to see Dennis will you?”
I will,” Rich said.
He likes you a lot,” Peggy said.
The feelings are mutual,” Rich said.
Rich opened the door. She smiled and ducked to get in the car. “I really care for you,” Rich said. “You know, like an older sister.”
Yeah,“ Peggy said, “I know. Thanks. When I get back we’ll all get together and I’ll share some fresh stories with everyone.”
Rich closed the door and Peggy maneuvered from the parking space and drove away.

Rich watched as she turned around in a an alley and headed toward her home. Peggy’s car eventually disappeared from view. “I hope she doesn’t meet somebody spontaneous, exciting, and unpredictable while gone,” Rich thought. “She’s attractive, not in a sultry way, but a comforting and innocent way; a way that is much more inviting and intoxicating. Dally was in love with her. I know it. She’s with a man for 15 minutes and makes him feel like he’s the most important man in the room. That’s the intoxication. Was it Dennis’s company or Peggy’s attention I like most?”