The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 71

The Mob?

Rich drove back to The Beacon’s newsroom. The name Gerald Dally seemed familiar to him. He started jotting notes and preparing a story, but that name rattled around in his head like an old song he was trying to remember.
He walked over to Sam’s office. Sam and Rudy were holding a closed door discussion. Rich was so wrapped up into his own thoughts he never bothered to knock. He opened the door. They turned and looked at him as if caught by the school principal smoking in the boy’s room.
“Gerald Dally,” Rich said. “That name ring a bell?”
“No,” they said.
“Rich,” Sam said calmly. “Do you index all names like I told you to.”
Rich snapped his finger and smiled, “that’s it! Thanks Sam.”
“Next time knock,” Sam said.
Rich shut the door and tapped on the window.
“Come in,” Sam said.
Rich poked his head back in Sam’s office.
“Yes,” Sam said.
“That’s for the time I missed,” Rich said. “And by the way, are you two discussing the evidence thing?”
“Yeah,” they said.
“It’s all cleared up,” Rich said. “Smithson has it. And by the way, we are cookin’ on this story.”
“I sure hope so,” Rudy said. “You got a pile of stuff that has to be ready for press tomorrow.”
“Don’t worry,” Rich said. “I’ll stay till it’s done.”
“What ya got,” Sam said.
“I found out whose skeleton,” Rich said
“Who?” Sam said.
“Gerald Dally,” Rich said.
“Go, go,” Sam said.
Rich went back to his desk and checked his index cards for Gerald Dally. It read, “Gerald Dally, friend of Finster from Portland, owns junk yard. Gets parts from him. May smuggle drugs from lobster boat. From Brockton. May be mob.”
Rich called Smithson at his office and told him what he found.
“I’m writing a story for tomorrow’s edition,” Rich said.
“Can I see it before it goes to press?” Dave said.
“Can you come by, I got a boat load or work to catch up on,” Rich said. “I’ll be here into the night.”
“Sure,” Dave said. “I’ll be there in a half hour.”
They hung up and Rich went back to Sam’s office and tapped on the window.
“Come in,” Sam said.
“How am I doing?” Rich said.
“Fine,” Sam said.
“Smithson will be here in a half hour,” Rich said. “He wants to see what I’m going to put in the paper tomorrow. Can you guys stick around?”
Sam, Rudy, and Rich walked over to the newsroom.
Sam sat at Rich’s desk and Rich and Rudy pulled up chairs. Sam read over what had been written. He looked over Rich’s notes and asked a few questions as he typed. When done, he typed Rich’s name on the bottom and said. “Don’t change a word.” He handed it to Rich and said proudly, “That’s what you call good writing. Some of that stuff you guys write is filled with horse crap. I throw better stuff in the basket than you guys write. I got to get out from behind the desk and run down some stories. This is fun.”
Rich read it, handed it to Rudy and he read it.
“Nouns and verbs,” Sam said. “Throw in an adjective here and there to let people know your alive and have feelings, but remember adverbs and silly both end in L and Y.” Sam pursed his lips. “Rudy and I are going to go someplace for a coffee. Take care of Smithson on your own. I think you can handle it.”
“I’ll try,” Rich said.

Sam and Rudy left the office.