The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 68

Inspector Dave

The day the story ran Rich called Dave Smithson, a state investigator, who Rich had a good relationship with from the Port Clyde scandal during the summer. He asked if they could meet for coffee.
Dave was tall and had a thick mustache. He had a scar on his left cheek. His voice was deep, but there was a trustful warmth to it. They met and sat in a booth at the Thomaston Diner. They ordered coffee and sipped for a few minutes over small talk.
“Scandal, murder; a lot of things have happened sense you’ve been here,” Dave said with feigned suspicion.
“They got the wrong guy in the Lindberg trial, ya know,” Rich said.
Dave chuckled. “What do ya want to know?”
“How did you ever get that scar on your face?” Rich said.
“That’s funny,“ Dave said, “nobody has ever asked. It‘s like they don‘t notice it‘s there, but I know they‘re just itching to find out. I guess people think it‘s to painful of memory to talk about.” He chuckled. “When people first meet me they try to pretend like it’s not there, but every time I look away, they stare right at it.”
“When a person has a scar there’s always an interesting story behind it,” Rich said
“First night on the job,” Dave said. “Got a domestic violence call. I responded.”
“Wife get you?” Rich said.
“Yeah, that‘s what must people might think,” Dave said. “It was actually one of the kids. Yeah, after that night I said to myself I’m gonna love this job.”
“Any suspects on the thing out at Vinalhaven?” Rich said.
“Off the record,” Dave said.
“Off the record.”
“I’m looking for a lover,” Dave said.
“Why a lover?” Rich said.
“The guy’s got his cloths tucked up behind his head like a pillow. He’s laying their with nothing on, no signs of a struggle, used condoms in the sand and oh yeah, a couple of bottles of empty cabernet. They have to be sophisticated. If it were empty beer cans that would be some lobsterman and barmaid, but cabernet. Only sophisticated people like bad tasting wine. So frankly it’s probably a summer cottage dweller. Her ole man was working his greedy little fingers to the bone during the week and he was there only on the weekends so it was a rich babe having a summertime tryst. She does him in before he blackmails her. Or the ole man finds them. That’s what I’m looking for unless something else makes me think differently.”
“You know who it is yet?” Rich asked.
“No,” Dave said.” Beautiful set of teeth. Never been to a dentist, so no records and no missing person’s report.”
“Are you sure he’s local?” Rich asked.
“Not really,” Dave said stirring his coffee and looking up at Rich. “Why, have you heard something?”
“No,” Rich said and stirred his coffee. “Can you determine a cause of death?”
“In all likelihood strangulation,” Dave said sipping his coffee. “His Adam’s apple is crushed.”
“Dave, he was brought there,” Rich said. “The scene was staged.”
Dave smiled and winked, “Exactly, there’s clues out there to lead me to the wrong person, but when you find the wrong person the right person can’t be far away.”
“You’re playing me,” Rich said.
“We’re playing each other,” Dave said. “This is no way to start a beautiful romance.”
“Do you like to sail?” Rich asked.
“Now your talking romance,” Dave grinned. “But I get seasick.”
“I got some pills,” Rich said.
“Where are we going?” Dave said.
“Out to Mosquito Island,” Rich said. “To the island where the body was found.”
“How about we meet at the harbor and take a police boat,” Dave said.
“I’ll meet you at the harbor in an hour,” Rich said.
Rich drove to his apartment and got the sketch by Peggy and met with Dave at the harbor parking lot.
Dave said a water safety office would bring them a boat. They waited for fifteen minutes and the boat slowly pulled up the dock.
The water safety officer turned the boat over to Dave.
As soon as they cleared the harbor Dave pushed the throttle to about three quarters. The boat pulled close to the shore of Mosquito Island. They removed their shoes, socks, and rolled up their pants and jumped in the water.
“Jesus, this is cold!” Dave said. “There better be something out here.”
They got to the beach and slipped on their shoes.

What are we looking for?” Dave asked.