The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 66

A Day On The Bay

Saturday night several people from The Beacon, Rudy, and me got together at the White’s to celebrate Rudy’s promotion. Rudy’s fiancé from Hartford was there too. They announced a wedding date for March. Her name was Betsy. A lanky girl in her second year of college. She was shy and quiet, but after a small glass of wine was more relaxed and friendly. She said she thought about finishing her degree at a local college.
Rich was often preoccupied with looking around the room expecting Dennis and Peggy to show up.
Rich was not in the mood for a long night. He decided to head home early. Before leaving he asked Rudy and Betsy, “What have you two got planned for tomorrow?”
They looked at each other and Rudy said, “Nothing.”
“Why don’t you two bundle up and I take you out on the bay aboard The Odyssey?” Rich suggested. “We can make a day of it, if you like.”
“Sounds like fun,” Betsy said.
“Hey, Rudy, how about picking up a bottle of wine and I’ll get some cheese and bread and something for a dessert.”
“What kind of wine?” Rudy asked.
“It’s up to you two, but sense you’re buying make sure it’s not that fifty-nine cent a bottle stuff,” Ricvh said.
“What time?” Rudy asked.
“I’ll have coffee and breakfast ready on board at 7:30 and be ready to cast off at 8:00.”
“Will you have somebody?” Betsy asked.
“No,” Rich said. “I’m sort of a lone wolf for the present.”

By 8:15 the next morning breakfast was over and they motored into the bay and caught a steady current and light breeze. Betsy brought Rich a coffee from below and sat cuddled up to Rudy as The Odyssey dashed through the choppy waves of the bay.
They sailed around Owl’s Head and snaked around several of the smaller islands to the south. They dropped sail and anchored near one of the small islands. They rowed the dingy to the beach, but didn’t stay long. Betsy said it was too cold for Betsy to remain on a beach so they rowed back to The Odyssey and had lunch. They ate in the cabin where it was warm, pleasant, and cozy.
“How old are you Rich,” Betsy asked.
“Hmm,” Rich smiled. “You must have a friend, cousin, or some rejected female soul in need of male companionship and I look so forlorn and possibly desperate. Please read instructions on label; male, female, add water, stir briskly, and you have romance quicker than Tang,” Rich looked at Rudy, he smiled, and shrugged his shoulders.
“Well, I do know someone,” Betsy confessed.
“Thanks, but I am not well rooted. Someday, but not now. I don’t want to look or play until I’m ready to win,” Rich said. “I’m flattered, though, that you are thinking about me. I’m only nineteen.”
“Your kidding me!” Rudy said. “I thought you were about twenty-one.”
“It’s my chest hair. right,” Rich said pulling out his shirt and taking a peek at his chest.
“I’m really envious,” Rudy said. “You write older.”
“I don’t know what that means,” Rich said. “But Sam has leaned on me and taught me something everyday I’ve worked for him. And by the way I’m almost twenty.”
Rich had not the heart to tell him I was actually only sixteen going on seventeen.
“I have a seventeen year old sister that needs a homecoming date,” Betsy chuckled.
“If she’s have the girl you are she would be well worth the drive to Hartford,” Rich said, “but she’d have to love my jeep too.”
“No one loves his jeep,” Rudy said.
“Hey, you two, how ‘bout if I show you a really romantic place,” Rich said. “Next summer when it’s a little warmer come out here in the moonlight alone. It is simply intoxicating.”
They looked at each other and said yes.
Rich thought if it was good enough for Peggy and her lover it must be good enough for Rudy and Betsy.
They hoisted the anchor and motored out of the cove. The sails were raised and navigated across further south at the beach on Mosquito Island where Peggy and her lover rendezvoused. Rudy and Betsy gazed off the starboard side as Rich was about to maneuver port.
Something was on the beach caught Rich‘s attention. It was strange, out of place. He looked through the binoculars. What he saw shocked him. He maneuvered a safe distance, quickly dropped the sail, and dropped anchor without saying a word.
“Rudy,” Rich said.
“Yeah,” Rudy said.
“You haven’t shot all your film have you?” Rich said.
“I got two roles,” Rudy said. “You got some good scenery for me?”
“Yeah, really good,” Rich said.

What ya got?” Rudy said.