The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 64

News About Peggy

“Have a seat Rudy,” Sam gestured to the chair next to Rich. “We’re going to be making some changes. Anderson is going back to New York. Typically everybody just moves up a desk. Larsen and I are comfortable with where he’s at and he speaks highly of you and I agree. Butch has told me on several occasions that he desires nothing to with managing others. He only wants to report and write. That leaves the front desk open to you. So what do you think?”
Rudy looked over at Rich and said, “Are you sure? Rich broke the big scandal story didn‘t he? My biggest story was the old fire station remodel,” Rudy said.
“That’s true,” Sam said. “You have written good and steady. Rich couldn’t have done it without Butch Hagler. If you‘d been in Port Clyde that day, you could have written the story on you own.”
“I have to disagree,” Rudy said. “My Simca would have still been stuck in the grass and that old hag would have probably beaten me to death.”
“But it would have been a great story,” Sam smiled.
“Sure,” Rudy said. “I’ll move up if you think I can handle it.”
“I have no doubts,” Sam said.
“Thanks,” Rudy said.
“Monday we got four guys coming here from the Boston” Sam said, “Rudy, I want you to interview them after I do. So plan your work day accordingly.”
Sam stood shook Rudy’s hand and said, “Congratulations.”
Rudy shook Rich’s hand and said, “I expect you to stand on your own. We can’t have half the reporters working on one story. You can’t lean on a guy that leans against a barstool.”
Rich smiled. “Ask him about a raise,”
“Yeah, you get a raise,” Sam lowered his eyebrows at Rich. “You get another $10 a week.”
Rich and Rudy started to leave, but Sam asked Rich to wait.
“Please sit again,” Sam said.
“You think I’m crazy don’t you?” Rich said. “You really wanted me to move up a desk.”
“Yeah, I did.” Sam said. “I don’t know why, but from the day you walked in here I never saw you as an employee. That’s good for friendships, but not so good for business. I would have had to help you along quite a bit and be there to wipe your nose. Rudy is a more mature writer and understands a little more of the ins and outs of the newspaper business. You’ll get there,” Sam assured. “Rudy has worked a couple of summers for some newspapers already and edited his college paper. I’m sure going to hate to tell Katie that you‘re not moving up a desk. We planned a celebration meal for you.”
“You can still have the meal with Rudy and I’ll come,” Rich lightheartedly suggested.
“I suppose we can change Rich to Rudy on the cake,” Sam said.
“Or just buy another cake,” Rich said.
“Actually we planned a promotion party for you and a going away party for Peggy all at the same time,” Sam said.
“Going away party!” Rich said.
“Her work has caught on and she’s going to have a showing in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. She may be gone for several months,” Sam said. “You look disturbed.”
“It’s just that no one said anything to me,” Rich said.
“It came up all the sudden,” Sam said, “but Dennis is staying.”
“Is she coming back?” Rich said.
“What sort of a question is that?” Sam said. “Of course she is.”
“Well what I meant was…” Rich stammered. “Never mind. I just got my mind on the fire at Gillman’s last night. I gotta finish it up.”

Rich sort of stumbled back to his desk as if in a trance and shuffled papers for fifteen minutes not being able to think about anything except for Dennis and Peggy.