How To Name Your Blog

th5TJPTRGWThere we were one day sitting on the back porch waiting for the morning to become day. The birds 
were making enough racket to call the police. The coffee was somewhere between perfect and faultless. On the other hand, to me there are only two classifications of coffee strong and weak. As far as caffeinated and non-caffeinated the later is non-existent.
Any way Matt and I were talking. I tell it to you in third person, because first person is prone to elaborate beyond what is needed and stretch things a might.
“I got a lot of stories rolling around in my head,” Kenton said. “It’s kind of funny, but I glance at somebody and I wonder what their story is. I wonder how they got to where they are. I sort of think the journey from being a kid in kindergarten to the White House is the same journey as from kindergarten to sleeping under a bridge. And the journey to sleeping under the bridge is much more honest and compelling.”
“You’ve sold some of your stories haven’t you?” Matt said.
“Yeah,” Kenton said. “But from concept to publishing is sometimes years. I ain’t got that kind of time. I want a people to read them right away. I want to here from them. Of the short stories I’ve published I’ve never heard one thing from one reader.”
“Is that why you’re going to start blogging?” Matt said.
“Exactly,” Kenton said.
“Can you make any money that way?” Matt said.
“99.9 % of actors don’t get paid; the same with artists and writers,” Kenton said. “It’s like the guy who grows a garden and gives all the crop to neighbors.”
“So have you come up with a name for your blog?”
“No,” Kenton said. “Maybe you can help me.”
“I wouldn’t know where to start,” Matt said. “By the way, good coffee. But I got to watch myself. It keeps me up.”
“An amazing elixir,” Kenton said holding the cup and examining it. “It perks you up, relaxes, inspires, is a complement for cookies, pies, cake, rolls, and the like. It is the perfect peace maker; ’How ’bout if I buy ya a coffee?’ ’Can I buy ya a coffee?’ ’How ’bout if we have coffee over this?’ You only have coffee with friends. It’s a remarkable drink and all because some Bedouin goat herder observed a goat eat useless berries and dance, jump, and become jittery.” As the cup reached Kenton’s lips he said, “To that jittery goat, to whom the world owes much.”
“That’s it!” Matt said.
“What?” Kenton said.
“Is it not coffee that keeps you going sometime to continue to write?” Matt said. “Don’t some of your stories come to you while sipping coffee?”
“Yes,” Kenton said.
“Than name you blog in memory of that jittery goat,” Matt said.
“I think the herder called him Abdullah,” Kenton joked.
“Call it the jittery goat,” Matt said. “I think it sounds like something a literary type would come up with.”
“Or a drunken soldier,” Kenton said.
“To drunken soldiers, Bedouin goat herders, and The Jittery Goat, ” Matt said and they sipped their coffee.

Well that’s it. Third person has tendency to edit and consolidate, but that’s about it.