The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 36

Pleasant Hill Road Episode  

After another damp exhausting day, Rich arrived in Freeport and at a gas station asked how to find Pleasant Hill Road. He bought a half of a pound of hamburger and a package of buns at a small grocery along the way.
It was on Pleasant Hill Road before entering Brunswick that Rich began looking for a place to camp for the night. He was spoiled by the hot shower followed by a warm bed the night before.
Rich located a woods and walked the bike about fifty yards from the road. The rain had stopped but it was still very damp.
He found dry limbs and branches under leaves. He stacked rocks to make a three sided oven and laid a flat rock across the top. He started a fire and dug a trench around the tent. The fire produced only slight warmth, but it was able to fry two fine hamburgers and brew two cups of tea.
Rich sat in the tent and gazed at the flames and listened to radio.
Rich was unable to pinpoint a time or event, likely it was the good night’s rest, but the depression that had plagued him was gone. It may also have been the hope of knowing that his destination was now in site. No longer the road would be his nemesis. His life was about to turn another chapter. The only certainty about the next day was the rain; according the radio.
He wondered how the ole witch from the general store was sleeping tonight or was she taking her broom for a Halloween test jaunt across the Maine night skies. Rich silently mused, “I wager that in her lifetime she had given many a man enough grief to last a lifetime. She was probably the one responsible for formulation and distribution of Moxie Cola. I had heard that the people of Maine were unfriendly and cold. The witch at the general store was cruel and the road worker who gave me directions was indifferent, but nevertheless provided me with generous directions. His manner was strange to me. Perhaps it was just something I would have to get used to or I may become just like them. I don’t think I could master the accent though - monin’! I wondered if that might not work to my advantage, people would leave me alone. On the other hand, could it hinder me from gaining employment. If they were suspicious of strangers, then what? As reasoned before, I must become invisible, not strange and aloof, - friendly, but not noticeably so. I should work on the accent. Tomorrow I shall have a proper Maine breakfast. It will consist of eggs, sausage, pancakes and…genuine maple syrup. And it had better be from Maine. That stuff in a bottle, corn syrup, won’t do.”
He laid in the tent and peered beyond the opening and into the night. “Just over there is the ocean. I have made it. This is Maine! By god I have made it!”
Rich fell to sleep with a smile.