A Day With Chef Rene

th[8]The studio lights shined brightly on a newly equipped and up-to-date kitchen. It was the first episode of a new TV food program, A Day With Chef Rene. The host was Car Bumgard who had hosted 
several other flops.
“Chef Rene we are so proud to have you with us today, our first episode of A Day With Chef Rene.” Carl said. “As you can see the kitchen is all set and we are ready for you to create.”
“It is my pleasure to be here before your television audience,” Chef Rene said with a slight French accent.
“Before you begin, perhaps I can inform the viewing audience of your background,” Carl said.
“It is you program,” Chef Rene said.
“Not really,“ Carl said out of the side of mouth and continued. “Chef Rene learned the art and craft of food preparation from his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, all world renowned chefs. Chef Rene graduated from the French School of Culinary Arts in Paris, he has authored over twenty books on cuisine, he is the advisor for many international cooking institutes, he has prepared foods for nearly every head of state, he has his own line of cookware, and owns some of the best restaurants in Europe and the United States. Did I leave anything out?”
“I am also on the board of directors of several international restaurant chains,” Chef Rene said.
“Of course,” Carl said. “How could I forget.”
“I also produced this program,” Chef Rene said.
“Yes,” Carl said.
“And I own this network,” Chef Rene said.
“Yes,” Carl said and smiled uncomfortably.
“We start the show,” Chef Rene said.
“Yes, of course,” Carl said. “Ahem, ahem, The expression is often used, ‘the best thing since sliced bread.’ If anyone knows there is something better than slice bread it would be you, Chef Rene.”
“Yes,” Chef Rene said. “I would be the one. No one else knows cooking like Chef Rene.”
“So that is what our program is about today,” Carl said. “So, Chef Rene, I’m going to turn it over to you.”
“Yes,” Chef Rene said. “Now please hand me two slices of the already sliced bread.”
Carl handed it to him.
“Now lay them out flat like this,” Chef Rene said. “Take a smear of you favorite jelly, which is in my case grape, and smear two heaping tablespoons on one slice. Now put and equal amount of peanut butter on the other slice. Slap them to gather, thus. Pour 8 ounces of milk in a glass and go to town.”
“But, Chef Rene,” Carl said. “That is nothing more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”
“You are correct,” Chef Rene said. “And nobody has ever been able to come up with a better taste combination. Without the sliced bread we would have never had it.”
“That’s it for today, friends,” Carl said. “Be sure to return next week with Chef Rene and me when we will present…
“The best thing since canned beer,” Chef Rene said.