The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 21

The Two Shots in the Night Episode

Image result for factory stairwayThe phone rang three times. 
“Jankowski’s” Frank said.
“Mr. Jankowski this is Joe Deacon at the terminal. There’s two guys sneaking around in the dark in the dock area,” Rich said just above a whisper.
“You get out of there right now,” Frank said firmly. “Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir,” Rich said.
“I’m hanging up and calling the police right away,” Frank said and the phone clicked.
Rich waked through the door of the office and into the hallway. Rich heard something. The stairs slowly groaned. He peeked over the side of the stairwell. The two shadowy figures crept slowly up the steps; each step groaned louder than the one before. Rich was trapped from escaping. He could not breath. His heart pounded. He crouched low and slithered back into the office and slowly shut the door. Carefully he locked the door and jammed the back of a chair beneath the door knob. He went to the window. The picketers were gone. The yard was empty and no traffic in the street in front of the terminal.
His mouth was dry and his heart continued to pound heavy.
Rich heard the intruders whispering.
“He keeps the money in his office.”
“I bet it’s locked.”
The door knob jiggled. Rich hid behind the couch.
“It’s locked.”
“Give me the crow bar.”
They began to pry away at the lock and busted it. They shoved against the door. The legs of the chair bracing the door dug into the floor. With one mighty shove it slid across the floor and slammed against the desk. The door flung open and the two shadowy figures stumbled into the room.
Rich wanted to scream out for help. His instincts where childish not adult. ‘What would a man do?’ He thought. “My instincts are to curl up in a fetal ball or take flight.” He trembled mightily.
“It’s in his desk.”
“It’s locked.”
“Use the crow bar.”
Rich crouched low and moved in the dark around the door. He bumped floor stand ashtray. The men jerked. Rich straightened and sprinted for the exit. A man pushed Rich and he plunged through the doorway and stumbled into the hallway. They charged out of the office. A security light shone on Rich’s face.
“It’s the scab!”
One held the crowbar in his hand as if he were going to wield it. The other held a small revolver.
“Shot him, and let’s go!”
“Dear God please don’t shot me,” Rich pleaded. “I don’t want to die.”
“Shot him!” Rich held his hands over his face and waited petrified and speechless.
Rich was about to vomit. He wanted to be home in my bed with his Dad and Mom yelling at him. That did not seem so bad. It is bearable compared to this. He prayed to die from fright before a bullet pierced his skull. When nothing happened he looked up at the men. They were dark faces with only a few features illuminated by the security lights.
They looked at each other.
One said to the other, “Shot him. If you can’t, give me the gun. I will.”
A coat tree stood next to Rich. As the one man grabbed the revolver from the other Rich seized the coat tree in his hand, pulled it toward him. He secured it with both hands like a baseball bat and swung it with all his might. The gun discharged with a short “pap!” Rich dashed for the steps and swung down using the hand railing. He heard another “pap!” as he was rocketing down the steps.
“He’s getting away.”
“Let’s get out of here!”
“I’m going to get him first.”
“Forget it. Let’s go.”
Rich ran out on the dock and jumped through an open bay door and into the yard. He ran for the open gate. The two men were behind me.
“He’s getting away.”
“Let’s get out of here.”
A police car sped down the street. A car pulled out in front of them from the alley next to the yard.
Rich screamed out at the police car and pointed excitedly toward the speeding car, “There they go. There they go. They got a gun.”
The police car turned around in the street and screeched after them.
Rich rested his hands on his thighs and caught his breath. He plodded over to the curb and sat. Another police car arrived and he told them what happened.
Frank drove up a few minutes later. “What happened, chief?” He asked Rich.
Rich repeated the story to Frank.
“Get in the car, you’re coming home with me,” Frank said.
It was in the car that Rich’s emotions gave way. A flood of tears burst from his eyes. “They were going to kill me!” Rich said. “I should have stayed home. I should have stayed home. I’m getting what I deserve.”
Frank rested his hand on Rich’s shoulder. “Nobody deserves what happened to you tonight. Let’s go to my place, chief.”

Frank drove into the driveway of his home. It was a large two story ivy covered brick house. His wife waited at the door. Frank helped Rich into to the house and they put him to bed in a spare room.