A Penny For Your Thoughts

Tap and Zipper sat at a small roadside diner just outside of town . They were delivery truck drivers and met there every morning at about 9:00 AM. It was a convenient location and nothing else. They always sat at a counter facing the road rather than the counter that faced the kitchen. Anything was better than watching a three hundred pound short order cook pick his ears and a scraggly, greasy, toothless, Betty the waitress, show her cleavage.  

“Life is just so full chaos and coincidences,” Tap said.

“I’m not sure I follow you,” Zipper said. "Because one moment you were looking out the window watching the clouds go by and suddenly you saw something or thought something and you thought you would share. 
I had no idea we were on the subject."

“Look at a jungle; it‘s chaos, but by coincidence it works and finds its own way,” Tap said. "I saw a program on NatGeo TV about the jungle last night and I thought I'd bring it up."

“So,” Zipper said. "What about the jungle?"

“Life and existence is about finding the coincidence and explaining how they randomly collided. As a species we exist for no other reason than to explain how chaos works.” Tap said. "That's what I was able to figure out from the program and that's what I believe."

“No it’s not,” Zipper said. “That’s what drives people crazy. Is gravity random and chaotic? No, it’s measurable, predictable, and constant.

“But we must find the relationships,” Tap said. "The show wasn't about gravity. Why are you changing the subject?"

“Does that make us God?” Zipper said. "We're talking about coincidence, life, and chaos. You opened the screen door and several flies flew in and you want to choose which ones to swat."

“God is just a way to explain what has not been uncovered,” Tap said. “But there is always an explanation. And you always have to turn it to God and religion.”

“An explanation requires logic,” Zipper said. “Logic is not random, chaotic, and coincidental. This is where you were heading.”

“Is logic your God?” Tap said.

“No,” Zipper said. “Logic is used by God.”

“Logically explains how God had no beginning nor has an end,” Tap said.

Zipper pulled a penny from his pocket and handed it to Tap. “When did this never exist?”

"There you go," Tap said. "You pull out a penny and it says In God We Trust. You set me up."

"It has always existed," Zipper said. "It was mined, smelted, stamped, and used over and over. If you should melt it down and make it into something else or toss it in the bottom of the sea it will always exist."

"You should watch NatGeo," Tap said and looked away. "Maybe than you wouldn't be bringing up religion all the time."