The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 9

The Revenge Episode

Ya hungry?” Rich asked.
“Yeah,” Glen said.
“As soon as we get to Olean let me buy supper,” Rich said.
“I know a place,” Glen said.
Rich reached down in his pocket and pulled out a wad of crumpled money. He counted it. “Sixty dollars. Those guys were loaded.” Rich slid thirty dollars across the seat to Glen.
Glen slid it back. “Buy my supper and couple dollars worth of gas and that will be enough.”
“Ya sure?” Rich said.
“I’m sure,” Glen said. “You’re going to need it more than me.”
Rich counted aloud the money, “That’s two dollars for gas, five dollars for the meals, and the ten dollars they stole. That’s seventeen. Can’t break this five so I’ll make it twenty.”
Rich crushed the rest of the money in his hand and tossed it out the window.
Glen looked at Rich strangely, “Why didn’t you keep it all?”
“I only want what’s coming to me, nothing more - nothing less,” Rich said. “As much as I’m able, my life must be noble.”
They were quiet for a couple of minutes, each man alone with his thoughts. Rich thought about the next day and little about Rotten Teeth and Baby Face. Glen stared straight ahead. He bit on his lip thinking about what just occurred.
“I don’t think I’ve met anybody like you,” Glen said. “I’ve known good men, but this is beyond what I’ve ever thought about. You gave them everything they deserved. And one could make the argument the money was yours, but you tossed it away. I mean those two derelicts figure you got their money anyway. Who would know? I mean, I would know and not give a crap.”
“I would know,” Rich said, “and so would God.”
“So that’s it, religion,” Glen said. “Couldn’t a religious man keep it?”
“I suppose he could, Rich said, “but, I’m never going to prosper from another’s misfortune or take from another man what he’s earned by the sweat of his own brow. If it wasn’t earned by my own efforts, it’s not mine.”
“Sounds to me like you’re as rich as you’re ever gonna be,” Glen said, “and I hope some of it rubs off on me.”
“I got the feeling you’ve done a lot of work you haven’t been paid for,” Rich said, “guys who needed some work done and didn’t have the money.”
Glen chuckled. “I just overcharge the rich guy.”
They talked about the two guys back in Salamanca and had some laughs while winding along a river road.
“You sure ya want to go to Maine?” Glen asked. “I can see that ya get a job around here and a place of your own. You can even stay at my place till ya get on your feet.”
“Thanks, but I got may heart set on Maine,” Rich said.
“Yer parents know yer gone?” Glen asked.
“They will probably figure it out by tonight,” Rich said.
“Where ya from?” Glen asked.
“It’s best you don’t know,” Rich said.
“I’ll buy that,” Glenn said. “Kinda keep that one to yerself.”
“When I get settled in maybe I’ll come back this way and look you up,” Rich said.
“People don’t do that kind of stuff,” Glen said. “When people go they go.”
“People don’t throw money out the window,” Rich said, “but I do.”
Glen turned into a parking lot of a restaurant. “I hear they have good food here.”
They ate a good meal. The bill came to $4.50. Rich handed the waitress a ten. The waitress brought back the change. “Keep it,” Rich smiled at Glen and looked at her. “Fifty cents of it is mine and the five is complements of two jackasses in Salamanca.”
Rich pulled the bike from the back of Glen’s truck. Glen gave Rich a hardy handshake. “If yer ever in Salamanca again, be sure to look me up. I’m in the book.” Glenn pulled his billfold that was attached to a chain from his back pocket. He pulled out a twenty and handed it to Rich. “This has been more fun than the county fair.”
“Watcha gonna do overcharge a rich guy?” Rich said.
“Nah,” Glen said. “It’s a gift. You gonna need this more than me.”
“Keep it,” Rich said. “I’m okay.” Rich tugged at a handle grip of the bike until it popped off. He pointed with his thumb to the inside of the handlebar. “I got plenty of cash.”
Rich threw his leg over the bike and pushed away. He turned and waved. He left thinking that many people will go in and out of Glen’s life and he will do much good for them. Rich hoped they might meet again.