The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 8

The Goodbye To Rotten Teeth and Baby Face Episode 

“Will you drive back to the store and use the pay phone, call the bar - it’s called the West Side Inn?” Rich said. “Say you want to speak to the owner of the ‘54 Chevy and say what ever you like to get them to come out. Hang up and come watch. And have your chain ready. Things don‘t always go as planned.”
Glen bowed his head and chuckled. He snapped Rich a Marine’s salute and was on his way.
In five minutes Baby Face and Rotten Teeth bolted from the bar like they were chased by a swarm of bees. Rich stood next to the gas soaked rag hanging from the gas tank. At about twenty yards away Rich held his palm out and said to them, “Not so fast,” They stopped. Rich flipped his lighter. “This rag is soaked with gas. I light it and we have just enough time to run for our lives.”
“You stupid kid,” Baby Face said and cursed.
“Profanity is a sign of hostility and ignorance and if I sense hostility I’m just liable to make things go kaboom!”
“That rag won’t burn fast enough,” Baby Face said.
“If you think so, I’ll pull the rag out and just drop the lighter in the gas tank,” Rich said. “Either way.”
“Ok, boy, what do you want, yer money back?” Rotten Teeth said.
“Both of you pull out your billfolds and toss them to me and if they don’t get to me I light up the car.”
They tossed their billfolds. Rich picked them off the ground and reached inside. He removed all the money and stashed it in his pants’ pocket. “Now go back inside and finish your beers.”
“Wait a minute,” Rotten Teeth protested. “You gonna take all our money?”
“We only took ten bucks from ya,” Baby Face said in a self righteous plea for fair play.
“Ya better get back inside,” Rich commanded and flicked the lighter again. He held it close to the rag.
They sneered and walked back inside mumbling to each other. Rich hopped on his bike and peddled hard onto the street. After a half block Rich turned at hearing an engine accelerate like an angry beast. He heard stones being thrown by spinning tires. When the car left the stone parking lot the tires screeched like tortured demons on the pavement. Rich turned to see the car sway out of control and both tires spun from the wheels and bounced uncontrolled down the street. Rich rode as fast as possible for a few blocks. A horn honked. He jerked. It was Glen laughing so hard he couldn’t keep his eyes on the road.
“Throw that bike in the back.” Glenn said laughing. “Let’s get you out of here.”
Rich tossed the bike in the bed and jumped into the cab. “It will take them a little while to get both tires on. I don’t know how long it will take for the sugar in the tank to kick in, but they’re definitely done for the night.”
“I was parked a block down the street and saw the whole thing,” Glen said driving away and bouncing as he laughed. “I was right behind them. They hit a parked car a telephone pole. Their troubles have just begun. The came out of that bar with their beers in their hands. When the police come they gonna smell the beer all over the inside of that car and find a couple open bottles.”
“Maybe we should call the lumber yard and tell the guy there, they won’t be in tomorrow,” Rich said.
“Where ya want to go, man?” Glen said.
“I’m going to have to make an adjustment in my route,” Rich said. “Can you drive me to Olean? Those guys may have some time on their hands the next few days and might come looking for me. I told them where I was heading.”
Sure nuff,” Glen said.