The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 7

Revenge Is Sweet Episode 

Rich hoisted his bike into the back of Glen’s pickup and hopped in the passengers side of cab.
Glen smiled and drove onto the road. “ I can’t wait to catch up with those two jackasses. Boy, you got a glint in your eye that you’re about to come up with something; special.”
“I’m thinking,” Rich said.
“Ya got any sort of a plan?” Glen asked. “Because if ya don’t I got a chain and I know I can take care of both of ‘em, but I’d like for you to have some fun.”
Rich appeared startled at the thought of engaging in a fight with men ten years older than him.
Glen asked, “Give me a straight answer, how old are you, boy?”
“Fifteen,” Rich said. “But I’ll be sixteen in a month.”
“I was sixteen when I quit school,” Glen paused. “It was a big mistake, boy. I should have gone on to college or somethin’. Instead I kicked around for a couple of years and then joined the Marines. The Marine Corps was good for me.”
“What do ya do now?” Rich asked. “Got a dump truck, a backhoe, and a bulldozer and do whatever comes my way.”
“Sounds like it keeps ya busy,” Rich said.
“I make ends meet,” Glen said. “What about you? Where ya headin’, boy?” Glen said.
“Maine,” Rich said.
“Ya got family up there?” Glen asked.
“Nah, no one,” Rich said.
“Startin’ fresh?” Glen said.
“Sort of.”
They drove for a while without saying anything. Suddenly as they entered Salamanca Rich’s eyes widened and his heart pounded. He saw the lumber yard with the truck Rotten Teeth and Baby face drove. It was backed against a loading dock.
“They don’t know me,” Glen said. “Let me go in and see what’s going on.”
Glen parked on the street out of sight of the lumber yard. He slid out of the truck and sauntered inside the front door. He was back in a minute and climbed back in the truck. “Those two are off for the day. The guy inside said they’re at a bar just ahead. They’re drivin’ a metallic blue ’54 Chevy. It’s one of ’em’s pride and joy.”
“What did you say to get the information?” Rich asked.
“I said they stopped for cigarettes back aways at a gas station,” Glen continued, “The kid at the store gave them the wrong change and he owed them five dollars. I’m just returning it. The guy inside said he‘d give ‘em the five. I told him, it‘s not that I don‘t trust ya, but they might buy me a beer for returning the money. He said ‘not those two.’”
Glen started the tuck and pulled onto the road.
They drove for a block. “Stop at this grocery!” Rich said pointing to a small grocery. Glen pulled the truck into the parking lot and Rich jumped out and dashed inside the store. He was out in minutes with a box of sugar.
“What you got in mind, boy?” Glen smiled as Rich slid inside the truck and slammed the door.
“Let’s find my buddies,” Rich said sarcastically.
“I think I’m sitting next to greatness,” Glen said and pulled out of the parking lot.
A block later they spotted the metallic blue Chevy parked at the side of a bar. Glen pulled up to the curb on the street. Rich got out and so did Glen.
“Do you mind if I use a little gas from your can?” Rich said pointing to a gas can in the bed of his truck.”
“Go ahead,” Glen said.
Rich grabbed a rag from the bed of the truck. “Mind if I use this too?”
“It’s your circus,” Glen said
Rich poured gasoline over the rag until it was saturated. “Can I use your lug wrench?”
Glen nodded.
Rich walked over to the ’54 Chevy and removed all the lug nuts from the passenger side of the car‘s front and rear wheels. He walked back to the truck and grabbed the box of sugar and poured it into the gas tank of the car. Glen leaning against his truck smiled broadly and could hardly contain himself from laughing. Rich tucked the gas soaked rag in the opening to the gas tank.