The Id and The Odyssey; Episode 2

 The Letters  Episode

The sun still hung below the eastern horizon when Rich stirred from his sleep by chirping birds and stiff muscles. He packed his gear and the journey resumed. At a road side park a small fire was started soon after sun up. A heated a can of pork and beans served as breakfast. ‘They never tasted so good,’ he thought. Soon he was on the road and peddling relentlessly until arriving at a truck stop. It was mid morning. He sat at a booth and ordered a donut and coffee.
In a steno tablet he composed a two letters:
Dear Dad and Mom,
I will miss you both. I just could not take it anymore. I can’t love you any more than I do now and I know you feel the same. I promise to be careful and not to do anything foolish. Someday, when I’m settled and I have things sorted out I will contact you.
Dear Don,
You have been a good friend. I’m sorry for not going camping with you and lying to you and your Mom. Enclosed is the $20 that Uncle Bob owes you. Perhaps someday our paths will cross again. If not, know that I will never forget the good times we had and our friendship.
Your friend,
The envelopes were addressed his Mom and Dad’s house and the other to Don at school. The stamps were licked, and pressed.
After paying the cashier Rich walked to the gas pumps where a truck driver was having his truck filled with gas.
“Where ya heading?” Rich asked the truck driver.
“No riders allowed,” he said.
“I know,” Rich said.
“I’m going to Chicago,” he said.
“That’s great. I need a favor,” Rich said.
“Depends,” he said.
“When you get to Chicago can you drop these two letters in a mail box for me?” Rich said.
“One’s to a girl who’s pregnant and one’s to a guy who thinks he’s the daddy,” Rich smiled and handed the letters to him.
He examined the envelopes. “You sent it to her parents! You’re heartless S O B,” he said and smiled.
“No sir, I’m not,” Rich said innocently. “If her parents don’t get the letter the little slut will deny everything. In fact, I’m not really sure if I’m the daddy or a half dozen other guys. So if you can help my buddy out by sending these letters I’d appreciate it.”
“Sure son,” he said. “I’ll drop it in the mail in Chicago.”
Rich shook his hand and said, “Thanks.”
“You betcha buddy,” he said. "Anything I can do the help. He winked, “and keep it zipped, okay?"
“I’ve learned my lesson,” Rich said.
“I doubt it,” he said.
“You’re probably right,” Rich said. “You sound like a man whose been there.”
He chuckled. "Oh yeah, I know whatcha mean.”
“Once again” Rich said. “Thanks for your help.”
Rich walked around the side of the truck stop and checked his gear. He watched the man hike himself up into the cab of the truck and drive west.
“So clever,“ Rich thought. “If mailed in Chicago any effort to find me would be directed west.”
With the letter on their way the cord had now been severed. There was no return. The road ahead was uncertain, but the direction was certain and true.

Fields of crisp corn stocks bustled in fall breezes and brown withered soy bean plants blanketed his flanks. Muscles no longer ached, but seemed relaxed as if nothing could hinder them from peddling endlessly. There was a freshness and vitality in the air. There were times that Rich was nearly giddy with the excitement of his decision and the adventure that might awaits beyond the next crest in the road. Every blink of the eye would be like a new chapter. Everything was new and never explored or even imagined.