Roadside Stand

I followed my brothers advice and bought a Volkswagen Bug for my trip to visit him in Mexico. “If you break down, they know how to get you back on the road without waiting for parts. Everybody knows how to work on V-dubs down her,” Kyle told me.

I was driving someplace in the middle of the Yucatán and famished. The last town I drove through did not have anyplace that looked like it served healthy or sanitary food. Now I was desperate. I was willing to take what ever came my way.

The road was heavily wooded with tropical trees and thick underbrush covered the side of the road. Suddenly a clearing appeared ahead of me. What looked like a food stand sat close to the road. I pulled up close to it. A dirty canvas draped the front.

A man appeared from a small house to the rear.

“When do you open?” I said in Spanish.

“Anytime,” the man said in Spanish.

Certain it was a taco of burrito stand I said. “I’ll take two.”

The man flopped the canvas over the roof. “Choose which two you want.”

Behind the canvass was a glass window and behind the window was a display of six caskets.

“I thought I could buy food here,” I said.

“You eat the food, you need the coffin,” the man smiled. Then he winked, “Two kilometers, good food.”

I drove away. “Incredible,” I said to myself. “A roadside coffin stand. Will it work in the States?”