Pa Was A Visionary

Another fad.
Pa,” Jacob said. “They call it a ray-dee-o, it rhymes with ’way to go.’ It’s not rad-ee-o. You sound like a hick when you say it that way.”

“That’s because I am a hick, junior,” Pa said. “And it’s rad-ee-o. It’s rhymes with ‘fad-ee-o because it’s a fad and see it go. It has already be replaced by that glowing box they call a tela-viz-ee-own. And they’ll replace that glowing box with another fad for the eye.”

 Sixty years later.

Grandpa and Levi just walked into a computer store.

“Grandpa, thanks for taking me out to buy a gift, but please don’t call it a little computer,” Levi said. “It’s an ipad; I-P-A-D.”

“Sure, sonny,” Grandpa said. “I certainly wouldn’t want to sound like a hick and embarrass you. Did I ever tell you how my grandpa used to embarrass me and call it rad-ee-oo?”

“Yes, grandpa,” Levi said. “Many times.”

“May I help you?” A young clerk said who had just enough coffee to sound annoying.

“Sure ‘nuff,” Grandpa said. “I brought my grandson with me and heard tell of some fancy computer called an eye fad. Could you help us out?”

The clerk smiled. “It’s called an ipad, sir.”

“I’m the customer and I’ll call it what I like,” Grandpa said. “It’s for the eye and in a year or so it will me replaced by another fad so it‘s an eye fad.”

Grandpa looked Levi. “I told you the part about my grandpa calling it a fad for the eye didn’t I? The ole geezer was ahead of his time.”