A Place Called Serenity; Strange Justice - Part 4

They forgot to mention in this ad
it's a great way to establish justice
and exact vengeance. 
(Continued from yesterday.)

A few months earlier Dickie tested the Daisy BB rifle on his dog, Herky. He claimed to his parents that Herky ran in front of him as he was taking aim at a tree. Nevertheless the dog yelped and was clearly hurt. The BB had to be picked from the dog’s hide.

Dickie’s Mom and Dad were at work. Nearly all the adults of Serenity were at work.

Dickie was now well aware of the damage that a BB gun inflicted.

The gun was hidden; kept from Dickie as a punishment, but he knew where it was and he knew what he was going to do with it. He rummaged through his parents closet until he found it wrapped in his Dad’s winter coat.

Vigilante justice was plotted in the mind of child about to be carried out in its crudest and most primitive form.

Now with a clear eye, sense of purpose and vengeance Dickie went looking for Tom. He lurked around trees, cars, and houses. He stalked Tom for the animal he was.

“Where’s Tom,” Dickie asked the rest of the kids of Serenity with rifle in hand.

Tom was alerted by others. He got his BB rifle and the two boys looked for each other.

Finally Dickie spotted Tom. “Yer gonna pay for what you did to me!” Dickie said.

Dickie’s rife was already pumped as he fired one shot in Tom’s direction. It missed.

Tom ducked behind a building that was used as a laundry. Dickie shielded himself behind a tree.

The boys exchanged several rounds of BBs. After each shot they ducked behind their cover. A crowd of children formed. No one dared step in for fear of being hit by a BB. They became spectators, but nearly all cheering for Tom, since they were related to him.

Dickie remembered a scene from a western movie. The good guy and bad guy exchanged shots in the same fashion; as one shot they immediately ducked behind their cover. On one exchange the good guy shot and remained in his shooting position waiting for the bad guy to expose himself.

Dickie leaned out from beyond the tree and shot a BB and cocked the rifle quickly. He waited for Tom to expose himself. Tom quickly jumped out from behind the building. Dickie was waiting with his rifle pointed at Tom’s bare chest. Tom froze for a moment. His hands and rifle dropped to his sides. Dickie pulled the trigger. Dickie watched the flight of the BB straight to Tom’s chest.

There was a thud like when the BB hit Herky’s skin. There was a yelp; not of a dog, but a boy. Tom screamed. The spectators ran to him. Dickie stood quiet with his hands and rifle to his side. Tom cried and twisted painfully.

Dickie ran up to inspect. Tom was on the ground. A BB was embedded in his skin in the middle of his chest. His sister Betty picked it out and a trickle of blood oozed from the small puncture.

Dickie ran and hid in the house.

Nothing was said, because if it was Tom would be revealed for what he was.

Dickie avenged Tom’s perverse act and was proud. His sister were proud, but did not know what brought it all about and the extent. Dickie told them that Tom had merely beat him up. There was no mention of rape. It was a word foreign to his vocabulary.

Though the victor, Dickie walked about in fear and a certain knowledge and expectation of reprisal.

(Continued tomorrow.)